Learning or Exploring

Learning or Exploring

Around my past and present schools, I have heard many students say that “they are never going to use most of the stuff they are learning” in their classes. Overall, I think this is true, except I think learning and growing as an individual prepares us for the real world. We may not use exact formulas and layouts that we are taught, but the general ideas behind them will probably be used on a regular basis. So the question is, should Grade 12 University level English be required before attending any University? Personally, I do not think students should require a University English in their final year. I think students should require 2 credits of University or College english in their high school career, depending on the future they wish to hold. Lets talk about it a little.

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Firstly, I feel like it should be mandatory for students to take an English course in grade 9 and 10. Students should be given the option of University or College level depending on the type of career they want to pursue. This gives everyone the option to take more English if they wish to go into the field of that subject. Also, if a student took College level in grade 9 and 10, they can switch over to University level in grade 11 and 12, ensuring they have the two English credits for the next step of education. The basics of English and all of the important information everyone must know, can be taught in grade 9 and 10, leaving grade 11 and 12 open for exploring what their heart desires. If someone wants to become something where they don’t need to know how to write an essay, then they don’t need to spend time learning about it!

English should not be mandatory in grade 12 because it is one of the tougher courses. That puts unwanted stress on a student that does not even wish to pursue a career involving English studies. I think that if it was left up to students to take it in grade 12, classes would be full of students that have an enormous appreciation of the course. On the other hand, students that do not want to have a future in English will be less stressed, have a higher average and be more successful because they took something to help themselves and their plans for life. A man named Grant Wiggings wrote a post about Why Students are Bored in Class ,and I think every teacher should read this. Eliminating the “boring” (Huffington Post) factor by being creative, fun and interesting will also make students want to be in a classroom that they have to be in. By making it place they look forward to instead of dreading, those two mandatory years of English will fly by.



University level english should most definitely be taken if a student wants to go into University. Each University and College should require 2 credits from English that corresponds with the level. English based courses and fields should require 3-4 English courses. This narrows down the amount of time spent where it shouldn’t be. Students slow down and slack off when they are forced to take something they do not wish to do for the rest of their lives. I think this method of schooling would keep students enthusiastic and excited about school, breaking the stereotype that school is bad.

Feature Picture: http://www.isow-wageningen.org/courses/language/english/english-time/



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